Feb 27, 2014

Mack Dunwoody earned a school name

Mack Dunwoody has affected numerous people in Ocala. Mayor Guinn, Bruce Fishalow, Bobby 

James, and Buddy Martin are just a few. Recently, we had discussions about the late Mack Dunwoody and why he should have a school named after him. If you missed this segment, you will want to hear it. 

Feb 14, 2014

Dan Hightower, shares stories and talks local news

Buddy's special guest recently was Daniel Hightower who talked about education, leadsership in ocala, he shared ocala stories, and even played fact or factoid with us!


Feb 8, 2014

Coach Zook, excited about new opportunity in Green Bay

Ron Zook of Gateway Bank is now the assistant special teams coach for the Green Bay Packers. He was a special guest on Community Gazette Day. Buddy and Zook talk about coaching, the Packers, and Ocala! 


Feb 4, 2014

Mark Emery, Most Interesting Man in the World

Mark Emery is a professional photographer from Ocala, Florida who has quite a few interesting stories to tell. He joined the show recently to tell a few of those stories and to talk about the Silver Springs International Film Festival.